Label Presses

Narrow web label presses.

Agena (1)

Arsoma (2)

Digicon (1)

Gallus (3)

Gidue (1)

ILM (1)

Ko-Pack (1)

Mark Andy (4)

Nilpeter (3)

Roland (1)

Image of Used Nilpeter F-2400 Seven Colour Flexographic Web Press

Nilpeter F-2400

Image of Used Gidue Combat 280 Flexographic Labels Web Press

Gidue Combat 280

Image of Used Nilpeter MO-3300 Label Web Press

Nilpeter MO-3300

Image of Used Nilpeter FA-3300 Label Web Press

Nilpeter FA-3300

Image of Used ILM Ilma 340 Label Web Press For Sale

ILM Ilma 340

Image of Used Roland 202 TOB Two Colour Printing Press Converted For In Mould Labels For Sale

Roland 202 TOB

  • Year: 1990
  • # Colours: 2
  • Impressions Count (M): 5
  • Reference No: 29734
Image of Used Omega 410 Label Press For Sale

Digicon Omega 410